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Welcome To SCAD x HARBOR Blog

Hello, I am Sai Shashank, currently pursuing my Master's in Visual Effects. I completed my undergraduate studies in Animation and VFX in India. This blog is dedicated to my elective class, SANM 560. Throughout this course, we will have the privilege of receiving mentorship from Harbor Picture Company. Leveraging their valuable feedback, we aim to enhance and refine our projects

I am a part of a three-member team named Team SYD, which includes:

Sai Shashank : Matchmove/ Compositor

Yanni He : FX Artist

Dee Divakaran : Art Director/ CG Generalist

This week, we took time to get to know each other,  identify our strengths, and work collaboratively to brainstorm ideas. 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 175409.png

"We have chosen  brand Vosges, known for its exquisite chocolates. Our team has developed a captivating concept that aligns seamlessly with the essence of Vosges, promising a unique and compelling creative endeavor."



"Blossom Bunnies": Vosges limited-edition chocolate celebrates Easter and the freshness of spring. Each bunny-shaped delight captures the enchanting beauty of the season with marbled pastel-colored coatings and a delicate floral-infused ganache featuring lavender, marigold, and rose.

For a delightful surprise, each bunny hides a compote filling, blending cardamom warmth, apricot sweetness, and pistachio richness. This unexpected twist embodies the diverse flavors of spring, symbolizing the joyous abundance that defines the Easter season.

With stunning presentation, aromatic floral notes, and unexpected flavor combinations, our "Blossom Bunnies" invite you to savor the beauty of spring in every delightful bite.

Team SYD Pitch (01_16).png
Team SYD Pitch (01_16) (1).png
Team SYD Pitch (01_16).jpg
Team SYD Pitch (01_16) (3).jpg
Team SYD Pitch (01_16) (4).jpg
Team SYD Pitch (01_16) (2).jpg
Team SYD Pitch (01_16) (1).jpg


"As the designated compositor for the project, meticulous planning of our plate shooting process is paramount. A well-thought-out approach ensures a seamless post-production workflow, and the quality of our plates significantly influences the overall visual appeal of the final output. Our team has diligently undertaken previz to strategize and optimize the shooting process, aiming for a refined and visually stunning result."

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