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Hi, I'm Sai Shashank, a lighting and compositing artist. This is my website where I showcase my VFX works. Feel free to browse through my portfolio and discover my creative projects.


Shoot,Matchmove,Lighting and Compositing

This project was an exercise in creating realistic lighting and compositing. I was responsible for the shoot,tracking,lighting and compositing of the CG elements into the live-action footage. It was challenging but also very rewarding.


Visual Director

Embark on a visual journey through my latest project, entirely crafted within Unreal Engine's real-time environment. I meticulously designed and implemented the real-time lighting, pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the digital realm. Explore the dynamic interplay of light and shadows in this Unreal Engine showcase, where every detail is a testament to the power of real-time rendering.


Tracking and Green screen Compositor

Explore my latest project, where I've turned green screen magic into an art form. Taking charge of roto-scoping the background plate, I seamlessly merged it with the actor, infusing cinematic charm into each frame. As the architect of this visual transformation, I not only handled the roto-scoping intricacies but also took responsibility for green screen compositing and the meticulous addition of shadows. Witness the fusion of technical precision and creative flair in a project where every detail counts.




In compositing this shot, I integrated virtual elements with live-action footage using Live Link between Nuke and Unreal Engine. Taking control of the live linking process ensured real-time adjustments for cohesion. I managed green screen compositing, adeptly removing backgrounds and replacing them with Unreal Engine renders with precision. By closely monitoring the live feed and adjusting camera angles, lighting, and virtual assets, I maintained consistency in perspective and aesthetic. The result was a seamless blend of real and virtual worlds, elevating the shot's visual impact and storytelling.



Within this project, I undertook the challenge of seamlessly integrating CGI object into the real world, a process that required expertise in color, lighting, rendering, and compositing. Through a meticulous study of the real-world environment, I ensured the CGI elements not only mirrored reality but enhanced it. This fusion of technical precision and creative flair resulted in a visual composition where color, lighting, rendering, and compositing converge, elevating the project to a realm where the virtual seamlessly harmonizes with reality.


Matchmove,Animation,Lighting and Compositing

In this project, I seamlessly integrated live-action footage with a composited miniature 3D car, overseeing 3D lighting, matchmove, and animation. Ensuring a flawless blend, it resulted in a visually immersive experience showcasing technical expertise in composition. Explore the fusion of live action and miniature dynamics, where each frame tells a story of precision, innovation, and a passion for visual storytelling.


Compositor and 3d Generalist

In a  commercial project, I took on the role of a compositor to enhance a scene featuring falling bottles. Going beyond the usual, I crafted the entire scene in 3D. But here's the real twist—I seamlessly added labels to each falling bottle through precise rendering and compositing. This creative approach not only captured attention but also showcased the fusion of technology and artistry. Step into a realm where 3D scene crafting meets seamless label integration, turning a simple commercial into a visually captivating narrative.

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