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Week  1

Visual Concept

Rough Previz

"Presenting the Planned Sequence and Edits: A Comprehensive Overview

In our ongoing project, we've meticulously devised a sequence along with the edits that are set to enhance the visual impact significantly. Our team is excited to share the details of this carefully curated plan, which encompasses a total of 10 VFX shots tailored to elevate the project's overall quality.

Moreover, it's essential to note that the footage provided has undergone thorough color grading, ensuring a cohesive and polished visual narrative. This meticulous attention to detail underscores our commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence in every aspect of our work.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the intricacies of each shot and the creative processes driving our project forward. We can't wait to unveil the final results, showcasing the fusion of innovation and expertise that defines our approach to visual storytelling."

Additionally, we're excited to share insights into the edit we're envisioning for the final product. As our FX artist diligently fine-tunes the blogging and timing aspects, we aim to provide a glimpse into our thought process behind the strategic cuts intended to heighten viewer engagement and maintain intrigue.

Week -02

Class -05

First Look at the Drone and Building Blast Sequence

We are thrilled to share a sneak peek into our latest project developments. This update focuses on the initial pass of our drone and building blast sequence, showcasing the integration of renders and basic animations that bring the scenes to life.

Our team has been hard at work crafting the basic drone’s animation, ensuring that each movement is both realistic and precise. The drone is not just a piece of technology; it’s a character in our narrative, and we’ve treated it with the same care and detail as any other cast member.

Additionally, we’ve done the slap comps for the shots, adding another layer of depth for visualization

The highlight of this update is undoubtedly the building blast sequence. We’ve layered multiple renders to create a dynamic and explosive effect that’s sure to captivate our audience. The FX window blast sequences have been meticulously designed to deliver a powerful visual impact.

The journey from concept to animation is a complex one, involving numerous iterations and a collaborative effort from our entire team. We’ve included some behind-the-scenes insights to give you a glimpse of the magic that happens before the final cut.

Week -03

Exciting Updates for Week 3!

We're thrilled to share some fresh developments as we dive into the third week of our project. Collaborating closely with talented professionals, we're making significant strides in elevating our visuals to new heights.

we're excited to unveil our latest sequence edit, showcasing the culmination of our collective efforts and creative vision.


Under the skilled guidance of animator Lohith, our drone sequences have taken flight with a newfound energy and vitality. Lohith's mastery of movement and attention to detail breathe life into every frame, transforming static images into dynamic scenes that resonate with emotion and authenticity.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-16 at 00.42.42_531a2d73.jpg

Motion Graphics

In collaboration with motion graphics artist Dee Divakaran, we've brought cutting-edge HUD displays to life, adding a layer of sophistication and realism to our project. Dee's expertise has been instrumental in crafting dynamic visual elements that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also serve to immerse our audience deeper into the narrative world we're building.

Slap Comps

As the compositor on our team, my focus has been on perfecting slap comps to ensure seamless integration of all visual elements. By meticulously refining composition, lighting, and color grading, we've achieved a cohesive visual aesthetic that elevates the overall impact of our project. Each slap comp is a testament to our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Week -04

Updates on compositing

shot _07

shot _03

shot _08

shot _05

3d track for shot 06

3d track for shot 06

First Test renders with slap Compositing

Week -05

shot 9 update

Week -07

shot by shot update


We're excited to announce the latest updates for Shot 2! Enhancements to RotoPaint and tracking are now live, along with the addition of a hologram display feature.


version 01

version 02


We're happy to share that Shot 3 has received some exciting updates! We now have new renders in the shot, featuring motion blur and little change in textures to add dynamism to the visuals. Additionally, the composition work for this shot is now complete


For Shot 4, we're introducing some exciting new elements! We've incorporated a fresh motion graphics sequence, featuring updated dates, and a sleek new HUD display with locked targeting


For Shot 05 We've added new renders featuring a small animation of a red light at the top, accompanied by motion blur to enhance the scene's dynamic quality. Additionally, the composition work for this shot is now complete


We're excited to announce the latest progress on Shot 6! The tracking work is now complete, Additionally, we've introduced animated wings into the shot, bringing a new level of visual interest.Furthermore, we've enhanced the sky composition with matte painting techniques, elevating the overall aesthetic



In Shot 7, we're excited to showcase some explosive new additions! Our FX artist has delivered stunning new renders of explosions and destruction, complete with offset explosions and realistic fire effects. As the compositor for these shots, I've integrated these elements to create a seamless visual experience.


In Shot 8, we're thrilled to introduce some impactful updates! Our FX artist has provided new renders featuring explosions and destruction, accompanied by offset explosions and realistic fire effects. As the compositor for these shots, I've integrated these elements to enhance the visual narrative



In my creative process, I'm currently experimenting with injecting a touch of dramatic Clouds into shot 9, coupled with the anticipation of a slap in subsequent shots. It's all about exploring how these elements come together visually and emotionally.





Week -08

Video and Breakdowns

Final Output With Breakdowns

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