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Refining the shots

"In the eighth week, our primary efforts centered around the continual refinement of visual effects, with a specific focus on introducing shadows to enhance the visual depth in Shot 3. This ongoing process is aimed at elevating the overall quality and immersive experience of our project."

"In the exploration of enhancing Shot 1 and 2, we delved into experimenting with Depth of Field. The initial tests, conducted by compositing the Z-depth pass in Nuke, show promising results. Our focus for the upcoming week is to refine this approach further, ensuring its seamless integration and optimal functionality to elevate the visual impact of the shots."

"Anticipation is mounting as we eagerly await the upcoming week, which promises an exciting opportunity to engage with mentors from Harbor Pictures Company. Their wealth of experience and expertise in the industry heralds a valuable opportunity for us to gain insightful feedback and guidance on our project. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of refining our work further and gaining fresh perspectives that will undoubtedly contribute to the success and evolution of our project."

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