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Week 5: Compositing Adventures

In the fifth week of our project, we diligently followed the guidance provided by our mentors and meticulously addressed their comments. As the dedicated Compositing Artist on the team, my journey commenced with the live action plate. I focused on enhancing the overall aesthetic by meticulously removing wrinkles from the background plate and implementing seamless tracking adjustments to elevate its elegance.

Upon receiving the 3D scan of the cloth, I undertook the task of precisely aligning the proxy cloth within the scene, meticulously adjusting for shadows. Subsequently, I facilitated a smooth transfer of the geometry to our FX artists, ensuring a cohesive integration into the overall composition.

Our collaborative efforts then shifted towards the initial shot, where we meticulously worked on particles and the environment. Employing a strategic approach, we rendered each element on separate layers, providing us with enhanced control over individual components.

For the third shot, substantial progress was made as we delved into FX testing. Personally, I dedicated my efforts to crafting slap comps, contributing to the refinement and perfection of the shot. Our coordinated efforts during this week reflect our commitment to achieving excellence and pushing the boundaries of creativity in our project."

In addition to my primary responsibilities as a Compositing Artist, I took the initiative to broaden my skill set by delving into the basics of Houdini. This endeavor was driven by a proactive approach to contribute more comprehensively to our team's objectives. The intention behind acquiring Houdini skills is to be better equipped to assist the team whenever the need arises

Screenshot 2024-02-12 152822.png

In the upcoming week, I'll be dedicated to elevating the visual impact of our hero shot by refining the lighting setup. Additionally, I'll continue my work in compositing, striving for a seamless blend of elements to enhance the overall aesthetics

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