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Fine-Tuning Visuals

In the seventh week, our efforts have been concentrated on the refinement of both FX and background elements. We are pleased to share the latest renders showcasing the enhanced scenes of our product. These new visuals represent a culmination of meticulous work and iterative improvements, highlighting our commitment to achieving a visually impactful and polished outcome in our project.

"Looking ahead to next week, our focus will be on smoothing transitions between shots, refining depth of field for shots 1 and 2, and perfecting particle shadows for shot 3."

"We've dedicated efforts to enhance the aesthetics of the plate, focusing on achieving symmetry for a balanced visual appeal. The comparison between the old and new versions highlights our commitment to creating a composition with equal weight on both sides, resulting in a more visually pleasing outcome."

Screenshot 2024-03-02 134002.png

"I'm eager to share the Nuke script for Shot 3, specifically tailored for the live-action composition. The script is organized into separate elements, empowering precise control over each component for an optimized and effective workflow."


"This concludes our update for Week 7, where significant progress has been made. Moving forward, our focus will be on further polishing the project to achieve an even higher level of refinement and excellence."

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